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Mastering Meal Prep

5 Steps to Healthy Eating Without Kitchen Chaos.

Picture this. It's 6 pm, you come home from a busy day, and now you are staring into the fridge wondering what you are going to make for dinner. We've all been there. But what if you had a plan that takes the chaos out of the kitchen? Meal prepping doesn't have to feel like a chore; in fact, with the right tools, it makes life easy.

woman chopping herbs in the kitchen

Why Mastering Meal Planning Is More Than Just Prepping Food

Meal planning goes beyond food preparation. It's about making informed choices, eating healthy, watching your portions, and saving money. It takes the guesswork out of what to make and keeps you on track, so you meet your health goals, like managing blood sugar. 

Comfort Meets Health: Starting with What You Know

Meal planning doesn’t require a kitchen overhaul.  Start with what you know and love.  I have my clients write down their Fab 5.  These are the 5 dishes they (and their families) love, that they don’t need to pull a recipe for, and they typically have all the ingredients in their kitchens.  From there, add in theme nights like, Taco Tuesday or Wild Card Wednesday, or Slow Cooker Sunday. 

The Recipe for Success: Organize Your Culinary Arsenal

An organized collection of recipes is your best friend in meal planning. Whether it’s a well-loved cookbook, a digital folder, or a visually appealing Pinterest board, having a go-to collection of blood sugar-friendly recipes makes meal planning less of a chore and more of a pleasure. It’s about mixing quick fixes and elaborate dishes to suit every mood and need. 

If you want an even more streamlined approach, try our interactive meal planner. It's designed specifically for those who follow a low-carb dietary approach. With customizable meal plans and thousands of dietitian-approved recipes, it's the perfect tool to make healthy eating simple and enjoyable. Pick your plan and sign up for a free trial .

a low carb blood sugar friendly balanced plate

Strategic Eating: Building Blocks of a Healthy Diet

Adopting a strategic approach to meal planning can significantly simplify the process. Think of your meals in terms of building blocks – proteins, grains, vegetables – and mix and match them to create varied, nutritious, and satisfying dishes. This inspires creativity in the kitchen while ensuring that your meals align with your dietary needs.

The Power of Frozen: Convenience Meets Nutrition

Frozen ingredients are a secret weapon in the meal planner’s arsenal. They offer convenience, ensure you always have key ingredients on hand and can be more cost-effective. Frozen foods retain their nutritional value, making them a reliable resource for healthy meal prep.

Embrace Flexibility: Planning for the Unplanned

Consistency is key in meal planning, but flexibility is equally important. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, your meticulously planned meal might not happen. Being open to spontaneity – a 'lazy day' meal, for instance – can keep meal planning from becoming a rigid routine and help you stick to it in the long run.  

The Bottom Line

There are many strategies to master meal prep.  You can start with just a day or plan out an entire month but having a tool at your fingertips helps you to stay on track with your goals.  Our interactive meal planner contains detailed nutritional information, allows the flexibility to swap in our recipes or add in your own, and highlights the carb grams for the day so you can easily see your personal targets.  Plus it features a smart grocery list to simplify shopping at the market.  Give it a test drive with a free trial, no credit card required, and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.


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