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Why Choose Group Coaching?

If you are tired of being on the blood sugar roller coaster, struggling with what to eat, frustrated when your A1C doesn't reflect your efforts, or can't figure out how to improve insulin resistance, then the Blood Sugar Bliss Group Coaching is for you.

There is a plethora of information available, and it's hard to know what is right for you.  The blood sugar bliss group coaching program is a supportive community that will help you to make changes without feeling alone increasing your ability to succeed because controlling blood sugar is not just about carbs and sugar.  

The nutritional coaching process provides you with the individualized guidance, support, and expertise you need to reach your wellness and health goals. The Blood Sugar Bliss Small Group Coaching Program gives you a solid foundation to build your best diet and lifestyle approach.  It's time to fix your blood sugar so you can feel like yourself again. (limited to 6 participants)

Nutrition and Health Coaching is for you if you find yourself……

  • Struggling to uncover the best foods to eat

  • Recently diagnosed with a metabolic disease and need support

  • Dealing with internal conflicts over your food choices. 

  • Struggling to lose weight and feel better inside your body

  • Looking for tasteful foods which you can swap for higher-carb options that taste great

  • Eating “right” but not seeing better blood sugars

Nutrition is the foundation for feeling your best. Inside this small coaching program, you'll learn how your body processes and reacts to food and how your choices impact all areas of your body, especially your blood sugar balance.  


Group coaching is a unique experience; it is a space to learn from your coach and collaborate with your peers. Studies show that you are more likely to reach your goals when you have support and accountability, plus having like-minded people by your side provides motivation when you can't find it within.  


We look at nutrition through a functional lens to see the big picture and discuss what supports your goals and that of the other group members. A group setting promotes accountability and encourages you to follow through with your plans. Being in a group means you always have partners who are on the same page (plus your coach's expertise) throughout the journey. Plus, you build lasting friendships and continue to grow as you sustain your new healthy lifestyle. 

Meet Your Coach

Hi I'm Hillary!

help people with blood sugar dysregulation reduce

symptoms so they can enjoy life again on their terms!


My passion is to help people like you balance blood sugars so life can become fun again.  There is no magic pill, super shake, or one size fits all diet plan that will get this done, but a secret formula begins with your bio-individuality.

If you are like other people I've helped, you are looking for ways to keep your sugars in range and get off the coaster of highs and lows.  It's time to learn a sustainable way of eating to feel better and have the results you crave. 

If you are ready to cut through the webverse of confusion, learn hacks for managing blood sugar balance, and implement lifestyle changes, all of which support and optimize your goals, then you are in the right place. 

Let's do this.......

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Program begins March 2023

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