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Do Your Part and Take Care of Your Heart!

A common denominator among people who struggle with nutritional goals is reaching them. All too often, people start over and over again because they don't know what is right for their bio-individuality.  There is a lot of noise in the health community, and it's tough to determine what is right for you.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and maintaining a healthy heart can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. This includes following a whole food approach, regular exercise, not smoking, and managing stress and blood pressure.


Heart health awareness month is an important time to focus on these issues. Eating healthier is a continuum that starts where you are today, and using nutritional therapy as a tool is one way to ensure you have a happy, healthy heart!

Nutritional therapy can play a multidimensional role in cardiovascular health and affect on:

One of the best ways to love your heart healthy is with a whole-food diet. 


Inside this ebook, you will learn

  • The difference between LDL and HDL and what it all means

  • Why reducing added sugars helps your heart be healthy.  

  • How decreasing sodium helps with blood pressure

  • Locating hidden sources of salt in the diet (and it's not where you think!)

  • Some healthful eating patterns 

  • And some delicious heart-healthy recipes!

Nutrition is the foundation for feeling your best.  Discovering what is best for YOUR BODY is looking at nutrition through a functional lens, identifying the big picture to support your goals and nutritional ambitions. 

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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Hillary

As a Nutritional Coach, I help you assess your current nutritional habits

and pinpoint what is preventing you from reaching your goals. Together, we

will clarify any confusion and make practical dietary changes to assist

you in achieving your nutritional goals.


My goal as a nutritional coach is to assist individuals in achieving balance allowing for a more enjoyable lifestyle.


There is no easy solution, no pill or diet plan that fits all, but by identifying and addressing your unique needs, we can develop a personalized approach for optimal health and wellness.


If you are looking for ways to finally feel your best, I can be your guide toward a sustainable way of eating that will lead to improved well-being and desired results. If you are ready to navigate through the overwhelming amount of information available and learn effective strategies that work for you that is balanced and supports your objectives, I am here to help.

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With a Healthy Heart..... the Beat Goes On

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