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October is not just all about things like pumpkin spice or apple pie, it's about warm cozy feelings.  The air is crisp, the color of the leaves are changing and many of us begin to crave soups, stews, and warm flavors of food. 



Crockpot and Instant Pot recipes are a great way to get quick meals on the table that satisfy the belly and the soul.  I’m so glad you decided to sign up for this challenge.  

Hi!  I'm Hillary

I help people with blood sugar dysregulation get back into balance

so they can enjoy life again, on their terms!


It is my passion is to help people just like you balance your blood sugars so life can become fun again.  There is no magic pill, super shake or one size fits all diet plan that will get your sugars in check.  We are all unique and this bio-individuality defines what works and doesn't work for our bodies.  

If you are like other people I've helped, you are looking for ways to keep your sugars in range and get off the coaster of highs and lows.  It's time to learn a healthier way of eating, feel better and feel supported. 

I help you cut through the webverse confusion, share ways to manage blood sugar balance, offer healthy lifestyle changes, all of which support and optimize healthy blood sugar balance.    How do I know how to do all this?  I'm a diabetic and a nutrition coach and blood sugar dysregulation is my specialty.  

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