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Hey, it's, nice to meet you.  I'm Hillary. 

A nutritional therapy practitioner and

certified health coach. 


I help those concerned about blood sugar rediscover the joy of eating through a personalized and balanced approach—no rigid rules, just real results—so you can savor life's moments without worry.

I'm a mid-life mama of three amazing daughters and one handsome Wheaton Terrier and have been married to my soul mate for nearly 30 years. I get it—life's a balancing act. But nourishing your body and soul doesn't have to be complicated.

I've been where you are now. My personal struggles with diabetes and my children's unique health challenges taught me that there's no magic formula to nutrition. It's about understanding your body and what you need to be healthy.

This is why I created the Meisner Method.  I know you want to enjoy all the fun foods, have recipes the entire family can enjoy, and feel comfortable in your skin. Whether you are finding your new normal in a menopausal life or have a diabetes diagnosis, it doesn't mean you have to give up life's pleasures.  Together, we'll find your food freedom, so you'll never feel like you're on that exhausting all-or-nothing roller coaster again.

Let's cultivate a lifestyle where you can nourish yourself effortlessly. It's time for you to eat well, live well, and truly enjoy life."


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) are holistic nutrition professionals trained and recognized by the Nutritional Therapy Association. The focus of an NTP is to help support individuals' health and vitality through individualized holistic nutrition and lifestyle factors, as well as supporting nutritional and physiological deficiencies through the foundations of health such as eating whole foods, blood sugar management and optimizing digestion.


NTPs are trained to support the body with nutrition while incorporating analysis of lifestyle habits, including sleep, stress, movement, and environmental considerations, to provide holistic recommendations that drive client success.

With this framework and focus, you can achieve your health goals so you can live life to the fullest.  Instead of chasing symptoms and trying the next trend, working with an NTP can help determine what your unique body needs to thrive and cut through the noise of health claims in the industry.

It's important to note that an NTP is not a licensed nutritionist or dietician and cannot diagnose or treat disease or give medical advice. NTPs work alongside medical professionals to support your health and well-being.


"Hillary is a wonderful health coach.  Her knowledge of food and healthy eating made it so easy to commit to weight loss and stick to it.  For the first time I stopped counting points and just ate, and still lost weight!  Her compassion, understanding and constant support  helped me so much on my journey."

~Karen M.

"Hillary Meisner and The Meisner Method have tremendously impacted my life, adding to positive changes in my health, the choices that I make, and a greater self-awareness!  For the first time, I do not beat myself up emotionally if I make a poor choice.  Making excuses are no longer acceptable to me. Hillary has been readily available and a resourceful voice.  She's passionate, caring, knowledgeable, genuine, trustworthy, and upholds confidentiality and privacy.  She is reliable and relatable because she truly wants her clients to be happy.  Just one conversation will put you on an incredible journey of personal positivity and self-love."

~Laura Z.

"As usual everything that you do for your clients is just simply amazing and informative I just wanna say thank you form the bottom of our hearts.  We could not have done this on our own."

~D & A Katz.

"Hillary has helped me navigate the complicated world of food allergens.  I have two sons with various allergies.  Her guidance, advice, recipes and overall informative knowledge has been priceless - not to mention her kindness."

~Sharon Y.

"Using the Meisner Method is helping me to make healthier choices and have more energy.  It has been a great complement to my exercise regimen."

~Brett W.

"I felt lost before I found you.  No one gave me guidance and now I know what to eat for my body and how to take care of it."

~Cody S.


~Kim M.

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~Laura B.

Client Testimonials (3).png

~Susan B.

Client Testimonials (1).png

~Private Client

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Get a sneak peek into what Nutritional Therapy is about with a 20-minute

FREE consultation.  Working with an NTP is collaborative, and there's no better way to see which program is right for you and discover the benefits of functional nutrition coaching than with a free 20-minute virtual consultation. This complimentary session is the first step towards unlocking your health

potential. Learn how a customized nutritional plan helps to overcome your barriers and determine if nutritional therapy is the right fit for you.  

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